Celebrating Success: 8th Commencement Exercises of Inter-Asian International Education

Bangkok, Thailand, July 30, 2023 – The Inter Asian International Education marked a significant milestone as it proudly held its 8th Baccalaureate and Commencement Exercises at the prestigious Four Wings Hotel in the vibrant city of Bangkok. This momentous event was an academic achievement celebration of hard work, and dedication, as graduates walked across the stage to receive their well-earned degrees.

Under the leadership of Dr. Edgar Eleguen, the President of Inter Asian International Education, the institution has flourished, fostering a community of passionate learners and educators. The 8th Commencement Exercises were a testament to the institution’s commitment to excellence in education.

The event highlight was the Completion of Bachelor of Elementary Education and Diploma in Teaching Students. The graduates of these programs exhibited exceptional dedication and perseverance throughout their academic journey. These programs not only equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge but these instill a sense of responsibility in shaping future generations.

Dr. Eleguen, a visionary in the field of education, has been instrumental in driving the success of these programs. On tireless advocacy and passion for quality education, he inspires students to pursue the Bachelor of Elementary Education and Diploma in Teaching Students. His leadership has transformed Inter Asian International Education into a hub of academic excellence, providing students with a solid foundation for their teaching careers.

One of the hallmarks of Inter Asian International Education is its global perspective. Graduates from these programs are not only prepared for success in Thailand and the Philippines but also beyond. The institution recognizes the importance of providing its students with opportunities for them to thrive beyond borders. This philosophy aligns perfectly with the diverse and interconnected world we live in today.




Now, the focus shifted to the next step in these graduates’ journeys – the Special Licensure Examination for Teachers. Scheduled to take place on September 24, 2023, in Bangkok, this examination represents a significant milestone for the graduates. Successfully obtaining the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) License will open doors to exciting teaching opportunities in Thailand, the Philippines, and other countries.

For the four consecutive conducts of the SPLE in Bangkok for six years, IAIE consistently obtains a 100% passing rate paving the graduates to get their Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) teacher’s license.

The PRC License isn’t just a piece of paper; it signifies a commitment to excellence in education. It represents the graduates’ dedication to the teaching profession and their determination to foster a positive impact on the students. This teaching license equips professional educators with the necessary skills, credentials, and recognition to shape the minds of future generations.

The 8th Commencement Exercises of Inter-Asian International Education were more than just a ceremony; they were symbols of hard work, dedication, and the power of education. Dr. Edgar Eleguen’s unwavering commitment to providing quality education has paved the way for countless students to realize their dreams. As these graduates step into the next chapter of their lives, they do so with the knowledge that they are part of a legacy of excellence and a global community of educators.