Diploma in Teacher Education

The Diploma in Teacher Education is a comprehensive program with 30 education units leading to the Bachelor of Secondary Education degree, designed to prepare future educators for success in the teaching profession. This program aligns with the subject clusters outlined by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC), ensuring the graduates are well-prepared to excel in the Licensure Examination for Teachers.

Diploma in Teacher Education

Key subjects covered in this program include:

1. Principles and Theories of Language Acquisition and Learning: This course delves into the fundamental theories and principles of how students acquire language and learn. It equips future teachers with the knowledge to create effective instructional strategies.

2. Facilitating Learner-Centered Teaching. Learner-centered teaching methods are essential for creating engaging and effective classroom environments. This subject focuses on strategies for empowering students to take an active role in their own learning.

3. Assessment of Student Learning. Effective assessment techniques are vital in evaluating student progress and improving teaching methods. This course covers various assessment tools and approaches to gauge student learning accurately.

4. The Child and Adolescent Learners and Learning Principles: Understanding the developmental stages of children and adolescents is crucial for tailoring teaching methods to meet their unique needs. This subject explores the psychology of learning at different ages.

5. Teaching Profession: This subject provides insights into the professional responsibilities, ethics, and best practices expected of educators, fostering a sense of dedication and professionalism among future teachers.

6. Technology for Teaching and Learning: In the digital age, technology plays a pivotal role in education. This course equips teachers with the skills to integrate technology effectively into the classroom for enhanced learning experiences.

7. Building and Enhancing Literacy Skills Across the Curriculum: Literacy is a foundational skill in education. This subject helps teachers develop strategies for promoting literacy across various subjects and grade levels.

8. Field Study: Field study experiences provide aspiring educators with practical exposure to classroom settings, allowing them to apply what they’ve learned in a hands-on environment.

By completing this diploma program, graduates become equipped with knowledge and skills to face the challenges in the modern classroom setting. Also, they become eligible to take the Licensure Examination for Teachers, a significant step toward becoming licensed and qualified educators in their respective fields.

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Moreover, the Diploma in Teacher Education program is committed to aligning its objectives with the broader vision, mission, and goals of the Inter Asian International Education. With a strong emphasis on pedagogical excellence, this program aspires to produce graduates who are skilled educators, efficient educational leaders and administrators. By instilling a deep understanding of educational principles, effective teaching methodologies, and a commitment to lifelong learning, the program seeks to empower its students to take on leadership roles within institutions, contributing to educational institution advancement. Through rigorous coursework and practical experiences, it endeavors to mold graduates poised to make a lasting and positive impact on the field of education.